纽约医院 is a small community hospital with a big heart. 万博体育手机App登陆的病人是万博体育手机App登陆的邻居和朋友. We know it is important to give back, and to provide services to care for all.

万博体育手机App登陆以多种方式回馈社会. 万博体育手机App登陆与许多学校合作, civic organizations and non-profit groups to support programs and services centered on healthy living, 疾病管理, 以及社区伙伴关系.

We also provide free care to many in our community who cannot afford care. On average, we provide over $6 million in free care to community members. We also instituted the innovative Help at Every Level Program (HELP) to help make care more affordable for those with high deductibles or no insurance at all, 但他们挣得太多,没有资格享受免费医疗.

We offer many programs and services to strengthen access to care such as low-cost transportation, 餐 & 处方递送,以及许多家庭护理服务.

For more information, contact the Community Relations office at (207) 351-2385 or email (电子邮件保护)

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万博体育手机App登陆之友奖学金委员会 is pleased to announce that the application period for 2022 is now open for high school seniors in the 纽约医院 service area who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine and/or healthcare. All applications must be received or post-marked by Friday, March 18, 2022 to be reviewed by the 万博体育手机App登陆之友奖学金委员会, comprised of hospital employees and members of the Friends of 纽约医院 volunteer organization. This impartial selection committee evaluates the applicants’ high school records, 标准化考试成绩, 课外活动, 包括社区参与和工作经验, 决定入围者接受面试. Finalists are selected largely on the basis of financial need, 学术成绩和保健目标. Finalist student interviews will be conducted in April and scholarship awards announced in May.

今年,新万博体育App万下载之友医院将颁发 五个 $3,000 scholarships to graduating seniors who reside within the Hospital’s service area [南新万博体育App万下载郡, 缅因州的基特里镇, 艾略特, 伯威克的, 桑福德, 黎巴嫩, Kennebunk, 井, 喜怒无常的, Ogunquit, 纽约,他们计划在医疗行业发展.

Scholarship recipients must enroll as full-time students in the upcoming fall semester and continue in school for the entire academic year in a health care curriculum. 奖学金的颁发可能会影响经济援助的资格, so students should talk to guidance counselors for details. 万博体育手机App登陆要求你在第一学期结束的时候, you request that an enrollment verification letter be sent from your college/university to 万博体育手机App登陆之友奖学金由凯特·福特颁发, 志愿者和学生经历, 纽约医院, 15医院开, 我03909,. A check will then be made payable to the school and mailed t在这里 directly

的 application includes an essay describing why a career in the medical field is desired and why students feel they should be chosen to receive this scholarship. Letters of Recommendation from high school guidance counselors and from a current or recent employer and official high school transcripts are necessary for application consideration. 而不是雇主, students may submit a letter from a supervisor in an organization w在这里 they have been a volunteer.

All interested students should contact their school guidance counselor for a copy of the application or 请访问万博体育手机App登陆网站下载一份 and mail the application, along with required attachments, to: Friends of 纽约医院 Scholarship, c/o Kate Ford, 15医院开, 缅因州,03909.  电话:(207)351 - 2224.  Applications must be received by or postmarked by March 18, 2022 to qualify.

For further questions about the Friends of 纽约医院 志愿者 organization, 联系志愿者协调员凯特·福特 (电子邮件保护) or 207-351-2224. 查询万博体育手机App登陆服务, contact 纽约医院 Community Relations at 207-351-2385 or (电子邮件保护), 或访问万博体育手机App登陆网站


卡罗尔家族和罗西特家族 奖学金志愿服务

五年之后, 和近25美元,000 in scholarships awarded to high school seniors residing in one of 纽约医院’s community service areas, 委员会很高兴再次开始这一过程. 夫人. 新万博体育App万下载郡的帕特里夏·罗西特, 缅因州, 最多奖励两个人3美元,向2022届高中毕业生提供5万个奖学金 在大学一年级的时候

“This scholarship was set up to honor my parents and my son. My father was a remarkable man who always wanted to help young people succeed. 他常说, 没有人能夺走你的教育.“而且像我父亲一样, I hope this scholarship helps young students begin their educational journeys—with a little bit of help and the knowledge that others both believe in and support them. It not only rewards students for their studies and activities, but encourages them to volunteer at 纽约医院 and gain valuable experience in helping others, 太,”Rossiter说.

“We are honored to work with Pat Rossiter who set up the scholarship fund six years ago for 纽约医院 high school volunteers who have given over 50 hours of volunteer service. Pat is a member of the committee and is such a joy to work with,凯特·福特说。, 谁负责监督万博体育手机App登陆的志愿者计划. “It takes commitment on behalf of these very talented high school volunteers, 谁经常有竞争的学者, athletic and community service demands along with additional creative interests, 还能挤出时间去万博体育手机App登陆做志愿者,”福特说.

要想在今年有资格, scholarship applicants must be class of 2022 high school seniors who are 活跃的 volunteers at 纽约医院; have volunteered at 纽约医院 for a 最少50小时; are from a high school within the 纽约医院 service area of Kittery, 艾略特, 伯威克的, 桑福德, 黎巴嫩, Kennebunk, 井, 喜怒无常的, Ogunquit and 纽约; and plan to enter an institution of higher learning. 对于那些有资格的人, applications must be submitted on or before Friday, April 1, 2022.

For more information about the scholarship and volunteering at 纽约医院, 请联系凯特·福特 (电子邮件保护) or 207-351-2224.